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Monday, 23 February 2015

Blogging for You.

Posts don't have to be planned.

I started my blog as an "everything" blog. I was set on writing product reviews, DIYs, structured posts. But then I started writing. I've kept my blog as an "everything" blog and I feel as if I've experimented quite a lot with different types of posts, many of them remain unpublished. I enjoy writing and that's one of the reasons why I created Waffling Waffles but I found that I was enjoying writing some posts more than others. My favourite posts to write came naturally to me, as did this one. It didn't feel forced and I basically just sat down and typed out my thoughts.

I also love photography, I'm taking a photo every day this year! I enjoy sharing my photos and the stories behind them but there is one thing that stands in my way - Anonymous Blogging. I currently have no plans to reveal my identity but as soon as I feel confident with doing it, I will.

I haven't posted on my blog since the end of January, over three weeks ago. Although I told myself that I would post when I felt like it, I always had the intention of posting once a week. I can use the excuse of being very busy which is true, I've been running around like crazy all through February! However, I don't think that busyness is the only culprit. Because I decided to mentally label my blog an "everything" blog, I've felt the need to present variety, no consecutive posts which are similar. For example, I wouldn't post two photography posts in a row. The important thing to remember is this:

I didn't label my blog as anything.

When I read through my emails this morning, I had one from Disqus - a new comment on my blog. Don't tell anyone but I get excited every time I see a new comment (anyone with me?) and this one was particularly lovely. It was from Diana Cloudlet (http://www.dianacloudlet.comand it honestly made me smile. It filled me with hope that somebody could read my blog and actually like it! It was my motivation to write this post and actually, I feel more comfortable with posting my random thoughts posts as a result of her flattering comment.

This post didn't really have a purpose but as I wrote, one began to fall into place. I wan't all bloggers to know that your blog is your own. Post what you want and if your readers don't like it, that's their problem. I know how it feels to write what you believe to be your best post yet but it only gets three views but it wasn't until the comment I received that I begun to realise that those three people who have read your post may love what you wrote. You could get twenty people who read your post and hate it! Which would you rather have?


Blogging is fun, if you don't enjoy it then why do you do it? If you do enjoy it, keep doing it.

Waffling Waffles