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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Photos: London Loving

Yes, I went to London. Yes, I took my camera. Yes, I took photos of things that I didn't really need to take photos of. Okay, intro done, now onto the post!

So basically, I went to London and took some photos that I would like to share:

I love taking photos of trees in autumn - I see one and I find myself whipping my camera out to take a photo of it. I think I must have millions of photos of trees in my collection... I like how the buildings are positioned in this shot.

The Shard (oh, and another tree)

I went to see the beautiful poppies at the Tower of London. There is one poppy for everyone who died in World War One. I found this shocking as all I could see was seas of these beautiful red poppies. It really does make you think.

Another thing I love to take photos of is the sun and if it's between trees - even better!

Oh look, another tree! I like the bark on this one.

And the sun makes another appearance!

I couldn't walk across Tower Bridge and not take a photo, could I? 

Another close up of the WWI Poppies,
I hope you enjoyed this post - I enjoyed taking the photos!

What do you find yourself taking a few too many photos of?

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Title Challenge

Back in the summer, when I was creating my blog, I made a list of posts I could do to kickstart my blog. During this process, I googled post ideas a fair few times and once upon a google, I discovered something called the "Title Challenge". I can't for the life of me remember where I found this but it has been very useful when I'm sitting at my desk thinking: what do I write?!

This really is as simple as it sounds: all you do is scroll through your bloglovin feed (or just have a flick through your favourite blogs) until you find something that catches your eye. Now DON'T OPEN THE POST! Look at the title and nothing else. Enter this into your own blog post and start writing! It really is that simple!

Extra tip: change the title of your post after you've written it and no one will ever know! Shhh!!

Are you going to try the title challenge?

Friday, 3 October 2014

Lighting the Candles

I love candles - they are so relaxing and now it's officially October, I thought I'd get myself into the Autumn mood. I decided to light the candle that has been on my desk for MONTHS! I'm not a candles in summer kind of person but I love working to the smell of vanilla during autumn and winter! I think I'm going to need some more matches...

What candles to you like burning in autumn and winter?