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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Pure Happiness and 'Me Time'

Pure Happiness and Me Time image - ukulele, chocolate and fluffy socks

This last Sunday, just gone, was my designated 'me day'. I had the house to myself for a glorious 12 hours with nothing of great importance on my to-do list. If it were possible to have too much 'unconventional' fun, I think I would have hit that threshold on Sunday.
I ate breakfast in front of the Originals, had a euphorically refreshing shower, rapped (well, talked) along to Taxi Cab by Twenty One Pilots with my ukulele, devoured substantial amounts of Dairy Milk Daim and Oreo chocolate, ran around and danced a little to Oasis, watched yet more of The Originals, ate leftover Chicken Fajita Pizza from Red Peppers (if you've never tried it, boy are you missing out!) for lunch, had about an hour long message exchange with my best friend, and I even taught myself the basics of HTML coding. You wouldn't exactly leap to call it a productive day now, would you? Yeah, well, I'm not sure I would either but that's not really the point. A day doesn't have to be productive for it to be classed as a successful one. My day was a happy day, and thus, my day was a good day; a rewarding day.

And in the wake of all this happiness, I found myself beginning to redefine how I thought of the phrase 'me time'. When I think about having me time, I picture a relaxing bath with a face mask and some super fluffy slippers to put on afterwards. But is that really me time, for me? No, not at all! Sure, I like a nice warm bath after a tough workout and I use a Neutrogena face mask every now and again, plus I was given super cosy fluffy socks for Christmas, but these things don't make me truly happy, I just enjoy them. There are two categories of things that do make me happy; either people, or things. Me time, by definition, is time for yourself, away from all the hustle and bustle of society, regardless of your affection towards certain members or how happy these people make you. Me time is about you making yourself happy. The sooner you find those things, the happier you'll be able to make yourself and the less you'll need to rely on other people. That doesn't mean you don't want them around, or that you wouldn't miss them if they moved away, but that you don't need them to be physically with you for you to be happy. And that is an incredibly powerful skill to possess.

'Me time' is so much more than just pamper time or a time for you to catch up on your favourite shows. It's a time for you to reconnect with yourself and determine what makes you tick. And when you get it right, it's one of the most wonderful, and empowering, feelings in the world.

So... When's your designated 'me day'?