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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Five Tips For 'Rainy Day' Photography

Natural lighting is a camera's best friend (uuuusually) so finding those perfect conditions or that perfect time of day to take your photos is definitely something I recommend thinking about. I love 'rainy days'; the overcast of cloud diffuses the light, resulting in less glare and less harsh lighting - it gives a softer effect.
I also love to take photos involving the rainwater - I find that leaves with little drops of water on them make for a fresh, clean photo. It also adds interest which can be hard to find. Here are my five tips for 'rainy day' photography:

1. Shoot in the middle of the day This is usually something to avoid but on cloudy days, shooting when the sun is at it's most intense will help your photos come out brighter and clearer.
2. Avoid going out in the rain (Sliiightly obvious one but very important) your camera will not thank you for going out in the rain but if it is unavoidable, try to keep your camera under your coat (or similar) when not shooting and consider bringing a plastic bag to cover your camera.

3. Find a window A large aperture (smaller number) will allow you to achieve beautiful bokeh when focused on the raindrops on the window. This is one of the simplest techniques but it can be very effective (see above).
4. If you miss the rain but choose to shoot on a cloudy day, take a water spritzer and consider spraying whatever you're photographing (leaves, grass, pebbles, etc.) with water before you shoot, it works beautifully and gives you the same effect as if you shot straight after rain. This method also gives you a little more control on the end result of your photograph.
5. Use a wide aperture (small number) This is perfect for photographing close up objects as it allows you to focus on the small details (the water) which make your photos different and interesting.