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Saturday, 5 September 2015

A Fresh Start.

When you share a part of your life online, no matter how small it is, there are some things you don't feel comfortable sharing and you can easily begin to lose track of where you drew that line. I haven't posted on my blog since the 9th of July. That's almost 3 months. I logged on to blogger a few minutes ago to see no page views; it's almost like my blog has dropped off the face of the earth. It probably has. 10 days ago, I sat down to write a post entitled "The Monthly Roundup: July-August 2015 // Update" with the intention of finishing it before the start of September so I could get back into doing something I love. I never finished it. I told myself I was being lazy or I just couldn't find the time but even on days when I DID have time and I may have even had the motivation and desire to continue to write the post, I just didn't. The month of July was a tough one for me, I did something scary which turned out to be something incredible. The lead up to it was tough and when it was over, I felt liberated. My original plan was to post my Monthly Roundup, as usual, at the end of that month but there was something holding me back. I decided that I wasn't ready to share my photos from that month online. Sure, there were some I could have shared but I just didn't feel right writing a Monthly Roundup and not including the main thing I did that month. 

I've decided that the way forward for me is to start a fresh. I know I've missed Monthly Roundups but sometimes, the timing just isn't right. I'd like to continue posting on my blog but I'd like to do so whilst staying behind that line.