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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Learning to "Run With It"

I'm awful at thinking of ideas for blog posts, I'm not particularly opinionated and sometimes the inspiration just doesn't seem to be there. Except it is. There's always inspiration, wherever you look. All you've got to do is learn to "run with it", a task easier said than done.

I can write for a good half hour when my mind is buzzing, it's one of the things I do to clear my head. And even though what I've written is never particularly inspiring, it was still inspired by something. It was inspired by the millions of thoughts bouncing around in my head. And then I "run with them".

That's what I'm doing now, I don't care that I'm writing this on my phone at 22:31 at night! That doesn't matter right now because I'm inspired. I think one of the biggest writer's block problems people encounter is "lack of inspiration" but I know it's there. One of the things that stops us, even if we decide to "run with" an idea is overthinking. When I'm "running with" an idea that I'm unsure about, I'll write it in the notes on my phone to myself. If I like what I've written, I'll transfer it to blogger and tweak the odd word. What if I don't? It's just another note. It's just a few words. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

How do you find inspiration?