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Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Fast Drying Nail Polish That Actually Dries Pretty Fast

I can never be bothered to wait for my nails to dry so the idea of a fast drying nail polish has always appealed to me but I've never found one which actually lives up to its name. Until now.

I'd heard raving reviews about this new line of nail polish by Barry M and decided I'd jump on the bandwagon and try one out for myself. I love the pastel shades, perfect for spring and summer and decided to pick up this beautiful minty duck egg blue, "Road Rage". It's very similar to Essie's "Mint Candy Apple" I've applied this polish twice in a row now (yeah, I reapplied!) and I've fast fallen in love with it. I think it really compliments my skin tone and would look lovely on anyone. I find that it does however require at least two coats as it is a fairly thin formula but I do not see this as too big of a problem. In the 15 minutes (or less) this polish took to dry, I managed to complete my entire skin care routine and more with no smudges! (I was being pretty careful but I always find that when it comes to nail polish, you can never be too careful). I then proceeded to change which I thought was sure to bring about a smudge or two but (again, being careful) my nails were in prefect condition by the end.

I find the lasting power on this is pretty good aswell and it dries with a nice shine. My one piece of advice would be to work quickly - It dries so fast the polish can get a little lumpy if you're a perfectionist like myself. The first coat will not be perfect!

Have you tried the Barry M speedy quick dry range? What do you think of them?