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Friday, 27 March 2015

My Post Workout Smoothie

Apologies in advance for the overuse of brackets in this post ;)

I recently purchased a nutribullet (quite risky considering I've never been extremely keen on smoothies) but I've heard (yes, I know I'm a bit late on the bandwagon with this one) loads of people raving on about green juices. I came in from a tough workout a few days ago and decided to (almost literally) throw some things into the bullet and whiz it up a bit.

I'd heard wonderful things about drinking raw eggs, they're a great source of protein and help build muscle. There can be some risks to drinking a raw egg but I decided to risk it as I have chickens and my egg was freshly laid that morning (thanks Omelet ;D) so I decided that the risks were too low to be concerned by. If you decide to make this (surprisingly delicious) smoothie at home, feel free to leave out the egg - I'm sure it would taste just as amazing!

This is a very approximate recipe, definitely not one to follow to the letter! If you don't like strawberries, use another fruit. If you prefer a stronger "green" flavour, use kale. You get the jist!

A few handfuls of spinach (I went for just over half way to the "max" line)
About a handful of strawberries (do this to taste, if you like a stronger strawberry flavour, add more)
6-8 grapes (these add an interesting flavour to the smoothie, it's probably my favourite thing about it)
A raw egg (optional)
Apple juice, to the "max" line.
About 2 teaspoons of ground almonds
A small handful of oats (pre grind for a smoother smoothie)

What's your favourite smoothie recipe?
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