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Friday, 26 September 2014

And the trainers resurface...

I remember when I set that horrible goal. I decided I would go running every week and get fit buuuttt it did not happen that way. I started off well, clearing a mile in under 15 minutes. And then, I slacked. I could never stay motivated enough to pick up the trainers and the iPod for 15-30 minutes of pure torture for me. Now I am fully aware that to some of you, this will look like a little and to some, a lot - Everybody is different. 

Now this leads me on to training with friends. I have a friend who's a fairly committed runner and when I told her I was starting running, she said: "we should go running together!". I thought this was a great way to stay motivated and on track but because she was a more experienced runner, I had to push myself a little too hard to keep up. My number one rule for running is not to go too fast. If you can run 8 miles an hour solidly for 40 minutes, great! Good on you but if I ran at that speed, I would most likely collapse after the first 30 seconds! Running is about finding a pace you're comfortable with and keeping at it. My advice would be to start slow! You can always speed up! ;)

Even though it pains me to do so, I must admit that my trainers have remained in a corner gathering dust for a while. However, hope is not all lost! I've recently been attending "boot camp" which is a really great group with a trainer that allows you to go at your own speed. I've found that training in a larger group is definitely the way for me as you can almost guarantee there will be somebody else of your standard there. I also think it makes keeping an even pace easier which I find to be very beneficial!

Do you do anything fitness related?
If so, what technique works for you?