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Sunday, 24 August 2014

My Handbag Essentials

When I'm going out for the day, there are some things that I simple must have in my handbag! here are my handbag essentials:

Oyster Card
I always take my Oyster card with me when I leave the house because you never know when you're going to need to take the train or catch a bus and an Oyster card is a great way to do it cheaper! My oyster card lives in my pass case from Jack Wills - I've had it for years and since bought similar cases for my friends. You can also always get very lovely ones in Paperchase (this one is my favourite) if Jack Wills doesn't float your boat!

iPod and Headphones
I hardly ever leave the house without my iPod - It's unbelievably light and holds my 1,206 songs (!) perfectly. I whip out my headphones on a very regular basis!

Headphone Splitter
I've used my Tiger Headphone splitter too many times to count! It's so handy when you're with a friend, wanting to listen to music!

Mint tictacs
These are great when you want to refresh your breath. I picked up some mini boxes at the airport and I am in love with them! they're so sweet!

Juice Cube
The Juice Cube is perfect for when you forget to charge your phone or need an on the go battery top up. Just plug in your phone and you're good to go!

Notepad and Pen
We all have those lightbulb moments!

Tangle Teaser Compact Styler
I LOVE the Tangle Teaser! It is the best hairbrush I have ever used (Yes, I'm getting excited about a hair brush) and although I much prefer the original, the Compact Styler is a definite handbag staple! Unfortunately, my metalic pink one was limited edition last year and you can no longer get that exact colour.

Body Shop Born Lippy in Raspberry
I have loved everything I've tried from The Body Shop and this lip balm is no exception. It has a slight tint and is very glossy, perfect for "mirrorless" makeup and it goes perfectly over a lipstick or on It's own. It also smells AMAZING!

I got my purse in the Cath Kidston sale a while ago and it is the perfect size for notes, coins, loyalty cards, gift cards and debit/credit cards! I've even kept jewellery, lip balm and a mini Ikea pencil in here on occasion! This is the closest design I could find to mine.

I am OBSESSED with mentos.

Hairbands and Bobby Pins
I don't think these need an explanation. If you have long hair, you'll understand why I always take hairbands and bobby pins with me, wherever I go.

What are your handbag essentials?