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Friday, 1 August 2014

MUA Nail Polish

Earlier this year, I popped into Superdrug in search of a nail polish and came out with one of these bad boys from MUA (MakeUp Academy).  I picked up the colour "Bright Coral" (first on the left) for a bargain of £1!

MUA was always one of those stands that I didn't pay much attention to until I saw this little bottle of nail polish and thought hmmmm... what's that? I picked up the bottle and saw the price! I couldn't believe my eyes! £1 for a bottle of nail polish! I purchased "Bright Coral" to test out the brand and I was very impressed!

I painted my nails with this beautiful colour as soon as I got home. I expected very little from a £1 nail polish and one of the first things I noticed was how thin the colour was when I initially applied it. However, I did not find this to be a problem for long! After a slightly more generous amount of product was applied to my nail, I found that the colour became more opaque. The next thing I noticed, to my delight, was how bright the colour was! There's definitely a reason for the name!

After my success with "Bright Coral" I thought it was time to venture into other shades. I looked on the MUA website and ordered "Frozen Yoghurt", "Sweet Peach" and "Ameretto Crush". Since then I have purchased the "Clear Top Coat" and "Leapfrog". I think all of these shades are bright and cheerful, perfect for summer!

Nail Polishes from left to right: "Bright Coral",  "Frozen Yoghurt", "Sweet Peach", "Leapfrog", "Ameretto Crush" and "Top Clear Coat"

I think the MUA nail polishes are perfect if you're new to nail polish and want to try out a wide verity of colours. However, I also love these nail polishes myself and would recommend them to anybody as they are very good value for money and although they are a bit streaky, they are fairly similar to other, slightly more expensive nail polishes I own.